Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Memories

Yesterday was one of the rare days this summer. Rare you ask? Yes, rare because the sun actually came out!!! We took advantage of it and had a real summer day. The kids broke out the swimsuits and ran through the sprinkler while I mowed the lawn. We had a picnic outside complete with corn on the cob and to top it all of the ice cream truck came!!! The ice cream truck is one of those classic summertime traditions that seems to be dying. It does my heart good when you can hear the chimes in the distance and then the overpowered sounds of excitement and panic. I think kids are born with super tuned ears for the ice cream truck. They always hear the music way before an adult ever does. It always cracks me up to watch the panic that sets into a kid when they hear the sounds of the ice cream truck getting closer and closer. If they are outside (which they most always are) the scramble they go into, to get in the house, break into the piggy bank, and get back out to the road before they miss the truck! Yesterday was no exception. They were soaking wet covered in grass clippings when they came whooshing through the house screaming with excitement. They did make it to the truck and both girls ordered up bubblegum popsicles.

Waiting for the truck.....

It's Coming.....

Two bubblegum popsicles please....

Thank You!!!


Homemade water slide!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I say success because if you know my children mainly my oldest you know that they are REALLY picky eaters. In the last few weeks I have been thinking about nutrition and whether or not my family was getting enough of it. I have been racking my brain about how to get my kids (and Jeremy) to get their full daily servings of fruits and veggies. I figured if I could get the fruits and veggies by them the protein and dairy would be easy. I was folding laundry the other day and flipped Oprah on to keep my mind occupied while I did this mindless task. Jessica Seinfeld was on the show talking about her book, "Deceptively Delicious". I had heard about this book but had never taken the time to see what it was all about.
It is essentially a cookbook that teaches you to "hide" fruits and veggies in everything from chicken nuggets to chocolate cake. The idea is that you steam and puree your veggies and then incorporate them into whatever! I was skeptical at first but Oprah kept taste testing and every time it was oohs and ahhhs! I had been hooked! The next time I was a the store I bought the book, an armload of veggies, and a steamer.
That was yesterday and the girls were sick and taking naps while I steamed and pureed...it was perfect! Now keep in mind that Lexi saw the book and while she doesn't know what is in the book she knows I am up to something. She keeps walking around the house saying "I am watching you". I have to be VERY careful or she will discover my deviousness and flat refuse to eat anything.
Ok back to the success part. This morning with a fridge and freezer stocked full of veggie puree I was dying to try this out. When the girls asked for eggs I was thrilled! I quickly went to work and carefully pulled a bag of cauliflower puree out of the fridge along with a few other misc. ingredients just to throw Lexi off in case she wandered in. She did wander in and asked what I was up to and that she saw the book. UH-OH!!! I did end up shoeing her out of the kitchen, sneaking a 1/4 cup (1/2 cup raw) of cauliflower in with 6 eggs and served them looking perfectly normal! The entire time she was looking at me crossways as I was holding my breath in anticipation of the first bite. SUCCESS!!! All three kids not only cleaned their plate but I got a "very, very tasty" from Lexi! You can bet I will be trying many more recipes in the future! I will keep you all posted on my success!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I LOVE Alaska!!!

I feel so blessed to be able to live in a place that I can get the kids out of bed at 10:00 at night, walk down the airstrip, and help Daddy catch a few rainbow trout! I couldn't help but to have a "mommy moment" while I was walking down the airstrip as a family and thinking these would be the precious memories that my kids would someday hold near an dear. I know I will.