Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fourth of July

Every year the Fourth of July is spent at the cabin. We own the large piece of property that all of our cabins are situated on with six other families that stem from three original families. It is considered that everyone involved is family and the fourth is when we all try ro make it a point to spend it together at the cabin. This year was no exception and fun was had by all. The weather was incredibly hot, food was abundantly good, and the company was great as usual.

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July 4th picnic..kiddo style

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It was a traditional BBQ menu....and it was yummy...can't you tell?

Grammie' s lake....LOVE it there!

With all of the hot weather that we have had this summer, the lake is sure to be one of our destinations. Gram or Grammie (Jeremy's grandma) depending on which generation you are, lives on the lake which just so happens to be 2.5 miles away from my house. I measured this distance, it was a sad day when we moved out of the basement living area of her house, some days I want to move back...she is that cool! We LOVE you Gram! Thank you for letting us invade you any time of any day.
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One problem.....

The Jeremy Pepperd household is officially, totally, and COMPLETELY out of diapers forever! We have reached that next chapter in our lives. Yippee.... can you hear me shouting from the roof tops? There is only one small tiny minor problem.... he won't pee indoors! I am not complaining,it could be worse, we could be having #2 outdoor issues..EWWWW! It is however a pain when we're at church and he wants to walk all the way outside and down to the lake to "pee in the yawter" or when it is bed time and we have to go out on the back porch to "pee in the gass". Still not complaining though! I'm sure he'll grow out of it when snow falls and it is not so fun to "feeze in the sow"! :)

Jul 2009 107

I want to share how we finally finished the potty training process. It's quite cool and I take no credit at all. We had been potty training for quite a few months and Landin knew what it was all about and how to do it, he just had no desire to. I was at my wits end and seriously tired of peed in laundry. One morning while I was doing my daily devotions and prayers I prayed (in desperation) to let Landin wake up and just "get it". When Landin woke up we were sitting on the couch in our morning snuggle session I asked him if he would like to pray about going potty like a big boy. He did and we prayed and guess what...NO MORE ACCIDENTS!

I love serving a God that is just as faithful to answer my little prayers as well as my big ones, all I have to do is ask, because he loves me so.

King Fever!

June 2009 066

I am officially ruined for life when it comes to king season. Having a licensed pilot for a husband means remote access to fishing destinations such as ---------. Did you really think I would tell you where we went? That may cost me my precious pilot! Anywhoo, Jeremy took us out to the perfect spot. Perfect as in slow easy water, no huge crowds, CLEAN white sandy beach(no mud), space for the kids to run and play, and we caught fish! The night we all went we came home ALL having caught a fish...How awesome is that?!?

It was one of those mommy moment evenings when everything just goes right. The kind of night where your perfectly packed picnic is enjoyed by all, the weather is neither too cold or too warm, kids running around giggly, munching on grapes, playing in the sand, and sweet husband ecstatic he has his whole family out catching kings. Perfect night...and a stocked freezer!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Please excuse me...

If these seriously ugly posts are boring you to tears I am sorry. I literally have 12-15 more posts I want to do in order to get caught up, and then I will take the time to make them more interesting to read and easier on the eyes.

I'm making it a priority in my life to record the everyday moments of our lives and not just the major "bloggable" events. I want to remember it ALL! The small moments in life are the precious and treasured ones. I'm going to live my life intentionally and be present in the moments of my everyday life. This is where I will archive those memories, and each year I will turn this into a priceless book for my future generations to gaze at and get a glimpse of the ordinary we call life but see love instead.

Super cute kiddos.....I'm not biased!

Just a few random shots of my oh so adorable children, I love them so!

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Beachy fun @ the cabin!

It has been the most beautiful and HOT summer this year. We have taken full advantage of it up at the cabin where it happens to be even hotter. There is somewhat of a small island/gravelbar out in front of the cabins, it being there makes a small channel of water for the kids to float down and play in. It is the perfect place to plop down in a lounge chair, read a book, sip diet coke,and work your tan while listening to giggling happy children. :)
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vacation Bible School...2009

A few snapshots of Vacation Bible School this year. The water balloon fight was a hit. It was used as incentive for the kids to raise money for missions. They ended up bringing in over $500 dollars!