Friday, April 24, 2009

Louis Giglio...heard of him?

You may have, but if not HOLY MOLY!!!! I seriously recommend getting your hands on these babies! I recently watched "How Great is Our God?" at bible study (Thanks Amanda!) and I thought hmmm... that was really cool, I think Lexi would like it. I got online and found that there are four of these DVD's all on one so I thought why not, ordered 'em up and watched the rest of them....LIFE CHANGING!!!!
Louis Giglio is the pastor who speaks in these DVD's, he heads up the Passion Talk Conference, which is geared toward college students. Take a gander at his blog on my blog roll and if you go to his website you can watch other "talks" and read his podcast.
Anyway...thought I would share.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Springy Snowy Sunshine....I LOVE it!!!!

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A few weekends ago when spring was just approaching us here in the great north we were able to enjoy a day with some friends at their cabin. It was a beautiful day to say the least. We snowshoed and got towed behind the snowmachine in a sled....Life needs more days like that. :)

Lexi the Scholar!

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Lexi had a "By Invitation Only" awards night at school a couple weeks back. She came home with three awards. One for being on the girls basketball team and the other two for achieving Honor Roll in both the second and third quarter of school. The shiny gold stars on them were only given to select students whom received nothing but A's on their report cards! Way to go Lexi....We are so proud of the special girl that you are.