Friday, October 17, 2008

Catch up post #7....Summer of Cabin Fun

Oh my goodness, I could post cabin pictures all day. We have so many of them, and unlimited memories to go with them. I am thankful to be blessed so abundantly in having the opportunity to head to our mountain retreat EVERY weekend and spend time with our family. These pictures are posted in no particular order, they were just to good and to much a part of our lives to leave out.

Daddy and the kids

Happy girls....

Even happier daddy!

Our humble abode. I love it there!

Grandma and Grandpa's cabin. We love it there too!

Forging the river...

and catching doubles with Kelly.... :)

New hip waders get a thumbs up

Fresh air makes me sleepy.

Forwheeling, fishing and family...could you ask for more?

Safari Girl

Daddy, I want to drive!!

She made an awesome walking stick that day

We love our Daddy!!!

Our Grandpa is cooler than yours!!! :)

Good Morning game of Crazy Eights


Catch up post #7...The Pepperd Fleet

In the summer the only way to the cabin is by airplane. With seven families "weekend living" on this magnificent piece of land there is a fair amount of air traffic. Here is the Pepperd Fleet, minus Josh's Cessna 206.

Josh in his Producer

Jeremy in his PA-12

Greg in his PA-12

The Pepperd Fleet

Catch up post #6..Fourth of July hike.

A hike in the woods...

Jeremy and I halfway

Can you see the cabins WAY down there?

We made it to the top!!!

Just the boys

An eagle in the sky...a bear in the distance...

AHHHH...what a day, what a place!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Prayerful Politics

When I think about the upcoming election to be quite honest it worries me. I think I know what direction our country needs to go but it really isn't up to me. I can't help feeling helpless. I know that the best thing I can do for our country, our current leaders, future leaders, our economy, and government is to simply pray. I stumbled upon this site, which I think is great. I encourage you all to join me in prayer.
Here is the site:

Sunday, October 12, 2008


As I sit here tonight listening to the silence of my home,(which means everyone is fast asleep) I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude. I am thankful for my wonderful, magnificent, amazing, husband who has loved me unconditionally and taught me so much about...well really everything. He is the most inspiring person I know and I am so grateful that he chose me all those years ago. I am thankful for my three beautiful children, each one special and unique. They add so much to my life, I can't even describe it. I am thankful for the abundance of family that I have surrounding me and the support and love they provide. I am thankful for friends, new and old. Most of all I am thankful for Jesus Christ and the blessings that he has graciously poured out onto my family. I am not worthy of his blessings and most certainly not worthy of his love and forgiveness but he is always there for me. He is always a comfort and my strength even when I don't know it or ask him to be, he is constant. I am thankful for his convictions and his call to serve him, for out of my obedience comes my biggest blessings. Thank you Jesus!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big news...Little town!

Well it's official, when you come to Alaska and more importantly Wasilla you can find yourself shopping at TARGET!!! Today was the soft opening, the grand opening is Sunday. Jeremy and I were invited to the special contractor opening last night. Jeremy was less than thrilled but very supportive of my enthusiasm. :) Tuesdays are our weekly "date night" and he was sweet and never complained once in the five or six laps I did around the store!! Afterwards he took me out to dinner. What a lucky girl I am! I have to admit that I'm pretty exited, Target is a huge addition to the shopping choices in Wasilla. Sad but true. :)
The girls were dying to check out the new store so after dinner was cleaned up we left the boys on the couch watching airplane movies and headed out! I think the kitchen may have been cleaned in record time. I have never seen the girls work so fast. When we got there the game plan was to browse the entire store and they could choose one item to purchase. They ended up with more than one item but only one item was an unessesary purchase. They both chose these super soft bathrobes. We have been looking for cute kiddo bath robes for a long time so they're happy and can't wait to shower in the morning.

Fall Fun!!

When we got home from the cabin we decided that we had better get the most terrible job of the year (a.k.a raking) finished. There were still a few leaves on the trees but we knew that winter was coming FAST! We got the whole yard done to perfection, I think we even raked some of the driveway! It looked AWESOME, that is until twelve hours later it was buried in five inches of snow. :) We had an actually surprisingly good time with the task, Landin took a nap and the girls helped out. The job was finished with some great pictures, one broken rake, and dinner at Chili's.

First the cabin!

This past weekend was quite eventful. We made our last trip to the cabin for the summer. When we got there Mother Nature reminded us that winter was coming. It snowed, melted, snowed, melted and snowed again all the while giving the kids plenty to do. They built the first snowmen of the year, played in the mud, fixed the melted snowmen, and so on... I cleaned out and packed things that needed to go home for the winter, kinda bittersweet, and Jeremy worked on things around the property and of course went fishing just one more time. The next time we go will be with snowmachines. I am looking forward to it! Bring on Winter!!!