Friday, October 17, 2008

Catch up post #7....Summer of Cabin Fun

Oh my goodness, I could post cabin pictures all day. We have so many of them, and unlimited memories to go with them. I am thankful to be blessed so abundantly in having the opportunity to head to our mountain retreat EVERY weekend and spend time with our family. These pictures are posted in no particular order, they were just to good and to much a part of our lives to leave out.

Daddy and the kids

Happy girls....

Even happier daddy!

Our humble abode. I love it there!

Grandma and Grandpa's cabin. We love it there too!

Forging the river...

and catching doubles with Kelly.... :)

New hip waders get a thumbs up

Fresh air makes me sleepy.

Forwheeling, fishing and family...could you ask for more?

Safari Girl

Daddy, I want to drive!!

She made an awesome walking stick that day

We love our Daddy!!!

Our Grandpa is cooler than yours!!! :)

Good Morning game of Crazy Eights