Thursday, November 13, 2008

Snow day!!!

I am such a sucker when it comes to fresh snow. It has become an unintentional tradition in our house that when a significant amount of snow falls overnight, I keep the kids home and we have fun in the snow. We accumulated about 6.5 inches of snow Tuesday night. The kids had great fun sledding (or boating as Landin called it) in the backyard,and Landin was thrilled to have sissies at home to play with him. They are getting old enough to play a little less "safe" and a lot more fun. They were found sliding off the roof of the shed, and sledding down the steepest hill they could find which plows them directly into the house!!!


Laura said...

That last picture brings me sheer delight! Of course we're just praying to dip below 70 degrees here in Texas this weekend, so anything with snow makes me squeal at unreasonable decibles. I love the snow pictures!