Friday, October 17, 2008

Catch up post #7...The Pepperd Fleet

In the summer the only way to the cabin is by airplane. With seven families "weekend living" on this magnificent piece of land there is a fair amount of air traffic. Here is the Pepperd Fleet, minus Josh's Cessna 206.

Josh in his Producer

Jeremy in his PA-12

Greg in his PA-12

The Pepperd Fleet


Laura said...

Danielle -
I was so thrilled to get your comment on our blog! Thank you for leaving it.

You had no idea how many of our friends think it's so cool someone all the way from Alaska is reading our blog! And you have no idea how crazy I think it is that ya'll have already built a snowman! We just got below the 80s here. :-)

My husband has been checking your blog and has decided that he wants to come visit you! He thinks it's SO cool that ya'll go to vacation in a cabin that you can only fly to.

It also looks like (from look at your blogs of interest) that we have alot of similiar interests!

Thaks for introducing yourself and I look forward to catching up on life in Alaska through your blog.



Danny said...

Okay Pepperds,

We just might be showing up on your doorstep. So keep a look out for 2 clueless Texans.

Danny Stiller