Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big news...Little town!

Well it's official, when you come to Alaska and more importantly Wasilla you can find yourself shopping at TARGET!!! Today was the soft opening, the grand opening is Sunday. Jeremy and I were invited to the special contractor opening last night. Jeremy was less than thrilled but very supportive of my enthusiasm. :) Tuesdays are our weekly "date night" and he was sweet and never complained once in the five or six laps I did around the store!! Afterwards he took me out to dinner. What a lucky girl I am! I have to admit that I'm pretty exited, Target is a huge addition to the shopping choices in Wasilla. Sad but true. :)
The girls were dying to check out the new store so after dinner was cleaned up we left the boys on the couch watching airplane movies and headed out! I think the kitchen may have been cleaned in record time. I have never seen the girls work so fast. When we got there the game plan was to browse the entire store and they could choose one item to purchase. They ended up with more than one item but only one item was an unessesary purchase. They both chose these super soft bathrobes. We have been looking for cute kiddo bath robes for a long time so they're happy and can't wait to shower in the morning.