Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last days as a first grader....spring concert.

May 2009 006

Before you ask, YES, I am aware that it is (shhhhh) almost fall and this post is about something that happened last spring. I'm a little behind...sue me!

Lainie was super exited for this concert, she was chosen to have a speaking part, which apparently is a HUGE deal when you are 6.

I am in disbelief that my babies are growing up so fast. Lexi will be in 5th grade this year and Lainie will be entering 2nd. Aside from the obvious reasons (i.e. gravity taking effect on EVERYTHING, wrinkles, aching joints, etc...) I simply do not want to get older for fear that I will blink and my children will be all grown up. I feel like I'm maybe and I mean maybe starting to grasp the concepts of good parenting.(notice I just said concepts) At this rate they will be out of the house by the time I figure any of it out at all. Oh well...I suppose that is how life is supposed to be, if I knew it all now what would be the fun in that! :)
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May 2009 002

***Double points if you can spot the double nose-picker!