Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fourth of July

Every year the Fourth of July is spent at the cabin. We own the large piece of property that all of our cabins are situated on with six other families that stem from three original families. It is considered that everyone involved is family and the fourth is when we all try ro make it a point to spend it together at the cabin. This year was no exception and fun was had by all. The weather was incredibly hot, food was abundantly good, and the company was great as usual.

Jul  2009 093

Jul  2009 121

Jul  2009 115

Jul  2009 114

Jul  2009 116


Cristina said...

Never realized you had this other family blog. Your kids are just adorable. That little guy is just to cute for words:) Looks like you keep busy with the kids and hubby. Lots of fun stuff you do. Sounds like alot of fun! I have a family blog that I think of making public but always chicken out. I love reading how other moms spend there days. Always interesting to read.