Saturday, January 16, 2010

Costa Rica: getting there

We made it! After 20 hours of traveling, the car rental guy saying, "um we have a problem with your reservation, there is no more cars", driving in a foreign country at 11:00 pm in the dark, thinking we were lost, a few minor arguments, (we weren't actually lost just sleep deprived and a long stretch of road without any signs) getting to the "Happy Snapper" only to find out that the woman who is going to take us to the condo is not there, WE FINALLY MADE IT!!!

All of our travels, connections, and flights went relatively smooth. No complaints. Did you know that if you are traveling on two seperate airlines, they can still check your bags all the way through to your final destination!!! VERY COOL! I almost kissed the lady behind the counter when she told me that AND accepted my bag at 52 lbs. Dumb airline rules. I really need to brush upon those rules, Jeremy was none to impressed when I set my bag into the plasitic tub, took off my shoes, set them in the tub, walked through security, alarm free I might add, and then it dawned on me! The 3 ounce luggage was a bit on the haevy side so I took out the heaviest items...logical right? Wrong, when it happens to be four bottles of suncreen and you put them in your carry on!!! I almost kissed that same lady again when I was escorted by security out of "the safe zone" (something is wrong with the world when you are not allowed to carry your own sunsceen) and asked her if she had a box that I could put these items in. She not only got me a box, taped it up, checked it all the way to Costa Rica AGAIN, and did not charge me a dime!!! How awesome is she?!? Alaska Airlnes lady...YOU ROCK! Anywhoo...we made it almost flawlessly and may I add that the Houston airport is HUGE and very confusing.

until next time Pura Vida....