Monday, January 18, 2010

Costa Rica: Day 3..... Brasilito

We decided to quit stressing about what Costa Rica doesn't have, (nice people, cheap prices, surf fishing)sorry where as I.... Oh yeah Sunday. It was GREAT! We woke up and just baskd in the tranquility of our surroundings. It took a little bit but we have adjusted our attitudes and are thankful for the opportunity to take a vacation together in the first place. We are very much taking advantage and enjoying our time alone with NO distractions and I mean no distractions. A family did move into the complex today, but they will only be here until Wednesday. The morning was very chill which included two pots of coffee, emails from kiddos (love you guys!) all from the balcony in our bedroom which just happens to have a gorgeous view. It doesn't get more relaxed than that. We then decided to make it a beach day.  You can kinda see it in the picture but off to the left of the island is a grouping of rocks. When the tide is really low it looks as if they may form little tide pools. I suggested we should go check them we did. By the time we got there the tide had come in enough to ruin the pools. Oh well...we spread out our towels, got settled, and laid down to soak up some sun. About a minute later a huge gust of wind came up and absolutely covered us in sand....ok time to fnd another beach!!!! It was a nice walk back down the beach, I picked up a few shells and some sea glass! All was great until I almost stepped on inches away. FREAKED ME US OUT!!

After standing there and looking like total tourists while taking pictures of a water snake we made our way back to the car. We just started driving and found ourselves about 15 km away at Playa Grande. It was a nice beach and a local and wanabe tourist surfer hangout. Surfers definately have their own look and attitude about them. The movies (Point Break) pretty much capture it perfectly. We layed there and watched the surfers for a while. There were actually some pretty good ones. Surfing must be a total body workout because the ones who were good were RIPPED, men and women.

Local surfer

Soaking up the sun....

It is incredibly hot here for two Alaskans and so we seek AC quite early. We stopped for a snack at Outback Jacks...a Costa Rican restaurant owned by an Australian catered towards Americans, weird I know. We made it home and it was lovely,  poured a glass of wine, watched the sunset, munched on ahi, and chatted the night away......

until next time.....Pura Vida!