Saturday, January 16, 2010

Costa Rica: day 1...Tamarindo

After we slept in and enjoyed the view and our morning coffee, (I did have the forsight to bring coffee with me, and the guy at the Happy Snapper restaurant sent me home with milk and sugar free of charge so I could start my vacation out right) we attempted to find the grocery store to stock up on a few items. This quest took us to the town of Tamarindo where we took a stroll on the beach and walked around town for a bit before settling into the sand to watch the surfers. Jeremy thinks that we may need to take lessons, I on the other hand am all for adventure but am not to keen on the idea of unexpectedly falling off a board in the middle of a wave and having water shoot up my nose and who knows what else. I will be perfectly content to sit on the beach and take pictures for you all to see....we'll see if he talks me into it. Tamarindo beach was a bit busy but not to terribly crowded. We then went to two grocery stores and struck out. I had seen photos of a grocery store on the internet before we came which looked quite nice, the ones that we ended up finding were a bit of a mom and pop type variety. I was not pleased and Jeremy was tired of chasing down unwilted veggies. We ended up buying cereal and microwave popcorn to get us through the night and next morning with the intent of finding the nice grocery store the next morning. The photo is a self portrait on Tamarindo beach.
until next time...Pura Vida!
Pura Vida is what the ticos say around here meaning "good life" or "full life"