Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Costa Rica: Day 4.... the pool

Another slow day, we haven't gotten much sun yet and so we decided to stick close to home and try out the pool. We needed to run into town and ask the rental company a few questions first. On our way home we explored the local area a bit and may have found a spot that Jeremy can fish. A couple beaches north from here, Playa Potrero. ( the same beach we ate dinner at while watching the fish operation and sunset) There is a large group of rocks connecting two beaches, Playa Potrero and Play Penca. We hiked around the rocks for a while and actually did see a few fish in the water. I was dying of thirst so we made our way back to the car and then home to the pool. It was crazy HOT! We were both dripping sweat and hopping  in and out of the pool every 10-15 minutes. We braved it out though and stayed out long enough to get the first hint of color...brown and red.  :(  The AC was sounding pretty good by about 3:30 so we headed back to our quiet sanctuary. Just like last night it was pretty laid back. I made some pico de gallo for appetizer's and then Jermy cooked me ahi, what a guy! I ADORE him.....
Life is looking pretty darn good these days!

until next time....Pura Vida!