Saturday, January 16, 2010

Costa Rica: the condo

The condo we are staying in is quite nice with a gorgeous view. It is amazingly well stocked, it een has a docking station for our ipod...SWEET! The one thig it lacks is OTHER TENANTS! We are literally the only people in the entire complex. WEIRD and a little creepy. There may be one othe occupant but we have yet to see them...only their car. It is a red jeep if you wanted to know. We had to rent a three bedroom, two and a half bath condo. It is huge and really clean and cozy. A quiet little sanctuary if you will.
entering the front door

The kitchen...fully stocked with everthing you need, including a dishwasher and microwave!

The Master bathroom, jacuzzi tub with a view!

The Master bedroom...balcony with an even better view than downstairs.

The view from the living room balcony...great place for morning coffee and devotions!

The living room...with cable TV, real couches, WIFI, and a docking station!

until next time....Pura Vida!


Candycane said...

Oh my goodness - thats prettier than my own home haha.

Love it!

Jen said...

sooooo fun guys!!!! ENJOY your time together ;) we got to go to Hawaii for our 10th for 10 days and it was amazing to be together for that long without kids!