Saturday, July 25, 2009

King Fever!

June 2009 066

I am officially ruined for life when it comes to king season. Having a licensed pilot for a husband means remote access to fishing destinations such as ---------. Did you really think I would tell you where we went? That may cost me my precious pilot! Anywhoo, Jeremy took us out to the perfect spot. Perfect as in slow easy water, no huge crowds, CLEAN white sandy beach(no mud), space for the kids to run and play, and we caught fish! The night we all went we came home ALL having caught a fish...How awesome is that?!?

It was one of those mommy moment evenings when everything just goes right. The kind of night where your perfectly packed picnic is enjoyed by all, the weather is neither too cold or too warm, kids running around giggly, munching on grapes, playing in the sand, and sweet husband ecstatic he has his whole family out catching kings. Perfect night...and a stocked freezer!

June 2009 017

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Divinity Avenue said...

These photos remind me of my family about 12 years ago, when I was the age of your oldest (except we have two boys and one girl). It truly is amazing to have a pilot in the family and get to go to crazy places (which at the time as a child you don't realize are crazy). I remember my dad and I landing on top of Susitna, and flying out to Finger Lake for the Iditerod every winter, and landing in Bristol Bay to drop me off at my fishing boat for the next month and a half of commercial fishing.

Pretty incredible.

Jessica said...

I'm jealous. Great pictures. This is like the perfect post.