Monday, March 1, 2010

Costa Rica: Kayak fishing

So some of you are probably thinking, Danielle in a kayak....again???? Yes I know, I even doubted it, but reassured myself that this was in a tropical location, it was a double kayak, we would only be out for four hours, and someone had to take pictures of the adventure.  We have been out twice now and the first excursion was great! Perfect weather, no wind, and a few fish even. Jeremy is on the hunt for his elusive roosterfish and so we paddled one beach over to Potrero bay and fished for bait and caught a few barracuda as well. After we had caught a couple bait fish we paddled out a ways and hooked our live bait up. It was a gorgeous morning and while sitting out in the middle of the ocean the silence strikes you. It was so serene and peaceful....until we decided that it was time to "troll" our live bait. We had to reel it in, hook it up a different way and use nothing but our own strength to "troll". Great arm, ab, and back workout! The hunt for the roosterfish was unsuccessful. 

The second trip out was not as peaceful OR serene. The wind was blowing...HARD. If the water hadn't been so warm I may have started having flashbacks of Prince William Sound. The morning started out great, Jeremy had two fish on the "Walter"  fly before we even made it to Potrero bay. One was a Bonita, which he lost right next to the boat and the other was a Jack Crevalle.

We paddled around Potrero Bay for a while trying to catch the small bait fish so that we could "troll" for the roosterfish. I use the word troll in quotations because I was the motor that kept the boat going!!! Jermy was fishing of course and it was my job to "TROLL"!!! The wind was blowing away from the beach so when we finally caught our bait fish and headed out to sea to "troll" we actually didn't have to do anything but steer. Now this means two things: One.... You are way out to sea before you know it and two.... You are forced to paddle into the wind and the waves in order for your family to ever see you again! It was blowing so HARD and the waves kept splashing up over the bow of the kayak directly into my face....My $10 Target sunglasses really were worth every penny out there. We made it to shore finally, roosterfishless, and tired but we had yet one more adventure to tuck into our belts. That is what fun is all about anyways, the adventure, good or bad.

Headed home....


Sara Lanan said...

You guys are still in Costa Rica?! Just kidding. Welcome back to blog land! I went sea kayaking once off the coast of California and it was a disaster...I'll never sea kayak again.

Mary Rebekah said...

Hey! I really enjoy reading your blogs...your pictures inspire me.

I miss the updates on your style blog, too! :'(

Please bring them back!!! :-)

~Mary Rebekah