Friday, July 16, 2010

Look Who's Back!!!!

Howdy all!
My absence has come to an end! Shortly after my last post my computer took a turn for the worst. It was sad but I as an advocate of limiting the amount of technology and electronic entertainment. I decided that I would not get in a huge rush to purchase a new computer just to see how my family would fare. I am happy to report that we all fared "OK". I say OK because really we didn't mind to terribly bad not have a desktop computer but we did use our iPhone's to supplement our love of the Internet. I realized that I have gotten accustomed to the web and the ease and efficiency it provides when taking care of everyday business. I didn't realize just how much the Internet has integrated itself into our everyday lives. After my little experiment I figure I'm not as addicted as I could be and the Internet and all it has to offer is here to stay in my life! So look forward to lots of catch up posts and adventures.....after all we did have more time on our hands!

*Above pic was taken up on the mountain at the cabin by yours truly.... I love it!


Anonymous said...

Come back to "Just My Style" !!!!!!!!! I loved your Mama fashion and I know I am not the only one who has missed ya :)