Thursday, November 13, 2008

Election day fame...

The election is over and though it did not turn out as I wanted, I have to say Congratulations to Barrack Obama. I wish you and your family well in the next four years. Do America Proud.

When we went to vote this year there was a reporter there taking pictures and he took a couple of us. One of Lainie peeking out of the voting booth and one of all of us waiting in line. Lainie was so pumped when the reporter asked her name and my permission to print it in the newspaper. She said "I am going to be FAMOUS!!!" Lexi repied, "It's only fifteen minutes of fame Lainie." OH MY!!!

Here is the link to the paper, Lainie is the first in the top row and we are the fourth.

: - Frontiersman


Anonymous said...

What a great picture!! I'm sure Lanie was very excited :)