Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Ok, Ok, so I know I have posted this before but this time I have a good excuse. I was on vacation for three weeks, add in the week of craziness before trying to get packed and ready, and the week after trying to adjust to life back to normal and that is FIVE weeks of excused blogging absense.....RIGHT???

All right I know I'm lame but oh well..... I will be a more regular blogger from now on I promise.

Recap on Life: (will post pics later)

*We had a fantabulous time in Mexico this year. I took almost 700 pictures. My new camera ROCKS!!!! Fishing of the beach, catching dorado and sailfish, jumping off of trees 45 ft in the air, sliding down natural rock waterslides, horseback riding, and lots of SPF!

*I was in my first snowmachine race and won.....there were only three women in the race, but I beat them anyway. It was a 120 mile cross country race. I will be racing again in March, it will be a longer, rougher, cross country race...we shall see what happens. Jeremy is also racing, he got 2nd in his class this past weekend.

* Starting my spring cleaning early this year...WOO HOO! Maybe if I start early I will actually finish the house inside and out.

* I started a new bible study called "Young Mom's" bible study. I am really exited to learn new things and since it is through another church via MOPS I am also exited to meet some new friends.

* Jeremy is SUPER DUPER busy at work and at home these days ..... poor guy. Kids are doing great.

* I just got an email that I have a new niece, Annika Reese Pepperd. 6 lb dark haired little girl, born 2:20 am. Congratulations Josh and Lindsay! I now have 12 nieces and nephews.

Well that is life for now.....pics later


chantel said...

Yeah! It's good to see you back online. We look forward to seeing some pics of your vacation. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Hope to hear from you soon. ;)

Anonymous said...

You've got to share the pictures! It was great to see and the kids Sunday.