Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Which one is your favorite?

Here is a sneak peak of our vacation pics....well not really....kinda. We had the luxury of living in a three bedroom condo on the beach. The sunsets were AMAZING!!!! I took a few with my totally ROCKIN camera and they turned out beautifully, just like a postcard. I want to blow one up, frame it, and hang it in the house. The only problem is that I can't decide which one I like best. That is where you all come in. I am not blog savvy enough to put a real poll on here but leave me a comment and let me know your choice...... Thanks.


Laura said...

Yea - You're back! I was just telling Danny the other day that our "Alaska Blog Friend" hadn't posted in a while. I like the last picture the best. Straighten it up a little bit and adjust the exposure/saturation and you'll have a gorgeous picture! What kind of new camera did you get?

Lisa said...

Hi Danielle,

I'm so glad you introduced yourself! We are certainly on opposite ends of the country, so its fun to see what life is like on the other side. I can't wait to see your vacation pictures...three weeks!!

ANY of those photos would be a great reminder of your vacation, but I think my favorite is the 4th one down.

Your kids are beautiful, it looks like you are an active family. We have a family cabin in Maine that we love, it looks like a similar place, although its 5-6 hrs, so we only go about twice a summer. Really, really good memories, though.

I look forward to getting to know you...thanks for making yourself known!

chantel said...

I have to say I like #4 best too :)

Anonymous said...

wow what great shots! I'd have to say #4 is my favorite too :)

Anonymous said...

Rebekah says #5.
Luke says #2 or #5 both are equally good.
I like #4 and #2.
That would be with numbering them from top to bottom.

Great photos by the way.