Monday, March 2, 2009


Here it is, the finished project. I know it's been longer than 24 hours but I rarely have time to post on weekends,and this project took a little longer than expected with having to install closet rods and such. I'm thinking I will install one more shelf for storage area. I will put small rubbermaid totes on the shelf to hold scarves, belts, costume jewelry, and other accessories.


Laura said...

That looks amazing. Where did you get the shoe boxes? We have similar shoe compartments but they hang (got them from Ikea) but I kinda like the boxes that can sit on the floor!

The Wacky Pepperds said...

Thanks!!! I got the shoe cubbies at Target. We don't have IKEA. I had the hanging ones originally and I like these WAY better. They had 25 and 15 cubby variey (does that make sense?) and in white, oak or cherry. They were fairly inexpensive too. (and cheaper in Texas too...the jack up our prices here) The only drawback was they came unassembled. They were easy to assemble though.

Tanzosh family said...

ooohhh, so when are you going to come clean my closets???