Monday, March 2, 2009

K-150 snowmachine race

Jeremy's first pit

Danielle's only pit

Headed out for another lap...

The cheering section.... Go Dad!!!!

Checkered Flag!!!! WOO-HOO....notice my Dad is in every picture. I like this one with him jumping with exitement as I am coming across the finish line.

Ahhhh.... I'm done.

Jeremy getting the checkered flag

The pits after the race

Here are the pictures from the race Jeremy and I were in a couple weekends ago. Like I said before I won the women's class (only 3 women) and Jeremy placed second in the PRO class. The race was a 56 mile cross country loop on the river, swamps and through the trees. I finished two laps and Jeremy did three. We're getting ready for another race in Valdez on the 14th. It's only a 20 mile loop in the same terrain and about 200 miles...not sure how many the women do. It should be fun and I can check racing off the "Bucket List".