Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sledding in June?

Last year when we hiked up to the top of the mountain behind the cabin there were some small snow patches. This year we wanted to go check the out in early June to try to get some sledding action in before it all melted. It was dangerous a blast!!! We all took a ride down this icy slope and let me tell you it was FAST really really FAST. We did everything we could to slow ourselves down and we still crashed pretty hard at the bottom. The kids each took one trip and that was enough for them... They really did have fun despite the pictures but these pictures are just too funny not to share!

Headed up....

 Lainie, Landin, and Heidi

Lexi...she looks thrilled!

Now these are the post sled pictures.... Before you all comment about me being an unfit mother, know that sledding was actually their idea and they willingly got in the sleds. The also recovered quickly and had fun the rest of the day!


Thinking about it.....

Letting us know what she thinks about it.....

When she's mad.....she cries...

The adults had fun too! All three of us made repeated trips down while the kids cheered us on and ate Doritos.

See... I told you they recovered quick!


Heidi....she always lost her sled!


There were a few wipe outs too!



Three adults in ONE sled.....this did not end well! :)

Awesome Day! *Lainie was the photographer that is why she's missing*
Definitely a yearly tradition now! Can't wait to go again next year....