Friday, September 12, 2008

Catch up post #1...Lainies sixth birthday!

I have come to the realization that there is no way I am going to get my blog caught up AND have fabulously written and well thought out posts. My attempt to "catch up" will consist of a few mediocre posts and lots of cute pics!

We will start way back in August with Lainie's birthday on August 13th. It was a really low key day that turned out fantabulous. (My own made up word, silly but I LOVE it!!!)We went to a small park at the lake and the kids had a blast playing on the playground, feeding the ducks, and flying kites. I can't believe that she is six years old already. Thank you Lainie for being exactly who you are. You are such a blessing. Thank you Jesus for the gift of a beautiful, special, thoughtful, kind, chatterbox, fireball of a girl, that you gave us six years ago.

NOTE: My birthday was also on the 12th of August and my totally awesome husband spoiled me once again with a Nikon SLR digital camera. I am soooo exited and have been researching all the lenses and different things I can do with my "new toy". You will notice that my posts will have many more pictures now. I hope you enjoy them.

I snuck into her room and decorated while she was sleeping so she could wake up to a party! She was thrilled.

Elated to be the birthday girl!

The kids...

The gifts...

The candles...

The cake...

The six year old!!!!

Fun times with the kite. Thanks Faith and Gabe!

He kept stealing all the gumdrops

Here ducky, ducky, ducky!