Friday, September 12, 2008

Catch up post #2.....more birthday/Mom has lost her mind!!!

The title to this post may seem strange so let me explain. I am not what you would call the "pet lover" type. Our pet fish Bob was pushing it. So when my girls showed a rather large interest in animals I knew I was in BIG trouble. Lainie has wanted a bird for a very long time and after many hours she spent hatching detailed plans to catch a wild bird, and many unsuccessful attempts we knew we had to get her one for her birthday. (Now is the time to call me a softy.)
I had been researching the whole bird purchase and what else we were going to need other than the bird itself. It was proving to be a pretty spendy gift. As a last ditch effort I checked good ole Craigslist and lo and behold there was the perfect bird setup listed just that morning for the grand total of only $100 dollars!!! The down side....three birds came in the package. Yes, you read that right THREE!!!! My mother in law, Patti, was gracious enough to go pick up three birds, a huge cage, a smaller cage, and all the accessories and supplies that went with it. She took it all home scrubbed the cage from top to bottom, put a spit shine on it, then she and Greg delivered it into my walk in closet so that we could wheel it out later and surprise the heck out of the birthday girl! It worked, she was so surprised she was speechless! Thanks Patti and Greg for all the help, it is greatly appreciated! The kids named the parakeets Opal and Tika, and the cockatiel Moey.
As if the birds weren't enough for this poor mama. Lexi has had a deal with her auntie for a while now that when she bred her Yorkies she would be able to get one. Tami's dogs did have puppies but only two. One for Tami to keep and one to give as a stud fee. That left Lexi with no dog. I was crushed...He He! That was until good ole Craigslist came to my rescue once again. Tami called me (only two days after we moved the birds in)totally exited because there was a Yorkie-poo (half yorkie and half poodle) on Craiglist that had been rescued and the woman was just trying to sell it for what she had into it. Great Bargain! I'm not a girl that has been known to pass up a great bargain so I told Tami to see if it was still available and sure enough he was. Tami and I drove down to Soldotna the next day and picked up Rosco our six week old, one pound,(at the time) peeing, pooping, chewing, (still doing these things)newest addition to our farm!!! Ugh... now you can say I am losing my mind!