Friday, September 12, 2008

Catch up post #3... Dirty boy

On one of the rare weekends we didn't go to the cabin we decided it would be fun to head into Anchorage and watch our nephew Trey race his dirtbike. I also wanted an excuse to take pictures with my new camera. We got there too late to watch Trey but luckily we knew other racers and so we spent an enjoyable afternoon at the races. It was really dusty there and so while I did not have my camera out very long I was able to capture a few of Landin being a boy. He is so funny and I am learning the true meaning of terrible twos. The girls paled in comparison when it came to mischief. It's tons of fun though and I'm grateful for the blessing of a boy!


jessica said...

Hey Danielle! So fun... glad you found me on here. Your kids are so cute!