Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lainie's last day of school

Summer vacation has finally arrived! I am super stoked!!!!! I officially am the mother of a first grader. This I am not super stoked about. I can not believe that my little baby girl is growing up so fast. She had a great year in kindergarten with the best kindergarten teacher EVER. My children have been so blessed to have had Mrs. Bates for their first teacher. (Lexi also had her) She has been the perfect person to bridge the gap between the comfortable,sheltered home life and the harsh realities of the world they are entering... without their mommy by their side!!! It comforts me to know that I already have her booked for Landin. :) Lainie has grown so much this year and has learned even more. Watch out first grade here she comes!!!
The kids had "field day" today in honor of the last day. The school rented inflatable play things and had water games. Jeremy and I went and spent the whole day with the girls. Here are a few highlights of the day.