Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Smooth transition.....not so much.

Ok, well we survived the "transition week" from school to summer vacation. You know, the week that everybody adjusts to being home ALL the time, entertaining themselves, and playing (or bickering) with their brothers and sisters full time. Meanwhile mom has to adjust to three kids and three trails of mess instead of one. It was not easy, in all my anticipation of this fun filled summer I have planned I forgot all about the dreaded "transition week." Since I was falsely floating blissfully into summer vacation, good ole Murphy or Mother Nature or whatever you want to call it threw me a few curve balls. It started with Landin coming down with some sort of cold/flu. Usually when one of my kids get sick it is really no big deal, they just lay on the couch, watch a few movies, take a few naps and then "presto" they are well and off playing in no time. Not the case with Landin.... I personally think it is because he is a MAN!!!! It is a well known fact that men are terrible sick people, I have concluded that this fact also includes little men. All he wanted to do was to have me hold him and watch his airplane movie on the couch. If I got two feet away he would whine and cry, not to mention he hardly or night. If I am just sitting on the couch watching airplanes you can imagine what my house is starting to look like, and how high my laundry is starting to pile. On top of that it was cold and windy outside so the girls were stuck inside for the week. Just as we were starting to see daylight Lainie had a trip to the ER to get a few stitches in her head. Let me tell you now that:

giant conch shell + shelf + gravity + head = 3 stitches in the back of the head

Lainie was a champ though, she took the stitches without a wince and is back to normal. No worse for the wear... we made it and are into the second week of summer vacation!

Lainie's head after the stitches

One of the RARE naps Landin took while sick...poor baby :(