Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This weekend at the cabin...

We had a rare find at the cabin this weekend. While four wheeling in the woods Jeremy and the kids spotted a bear skull. They brought it back to the cabin along with a vertebra. It was pretty cool. Later that day the kids took me out four wheeling and wanted to show me where they found the skull. When we got there I did a little digging and found nearly the entire skeleton!!! I decided to turn it into a little science project and we took it back to the cabin to reassemble it. The owl pellet (we dissected owl pellets and reassembled mice skeleton) day in Lexi's class turned out to be very useful information. It was great fun and I think I may have enjoyed it more than the kids did. :) I am sad to say I did not do to well with the pictures but I got a few.

Before the ribs

The sun was really bright!!!


Anonymous said...

wow..neat find!