Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Vacation Plans!!!

It has been a LONG winter and I want to get out a enjoy the summer as much as possible so I have devised a schedule for the summer. Here it is, I hope it works out.

Monday: catch up/clean up days
Tuesday: Nana day ..... My mom is awesome and takes the kids ALL day so I can have
a "day off" and Jeremy and I can have a date night. Thanks Mom ...
I love you and I love Tuesdays!
Wednesday: Field trip day ( more about that in a second )
Thursday: Errand day... also library and go visit JC day
Friday: Free day
Weekend: Family adventures

Ok more about the field trip days. I figure we have 12 weeks until school starts again so I have made a list of twelve activities so that we can pick one out for every week. Here they are:

1.climb the butte
2.hike Thunderbird Falls
3.Go see 'ole 556.....the first train in the Alaska railroad it is located on the park strip in Anchorage. Lexi read a book about it and now the kids want to go and see it.
4.Go to the Anchorage museum
5.Go to the Wasilla museum and the park probably
6.Go berry picking
7.Go to the u-pick farm
8.Take the kids on a camping trip with "just mom"
9.spend a week at the cabin
10.hike Lazy mountain
11.go fishing
12.go on a bike ride...probably the coastal trail

So there it is, our summer vacation. The list is not set in stone so if you have better suggestions let me know. Stay tuned for pictures as I am sure I will be blogging most of our adventures.


Jen said...

oh man, pick some blueberries for ME Danielle!!!! Hatchers is my fav for those big bad boys. Perfect for muffins and pancakes :) YUM.