Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lexi's last day of school

I am also officially the mother of a fourth grader. Can you believe it...FOURTH grade? I can't, it doesn't seem like that much time has passed. It has though and the fact of the matter is that almost 10 years of the mold able 18 years that we have are OVER!!! That is over half. People keep saying that time goes faster the older I get, I can't get any older because it really can't go any faster. Ok enough about me and my mini freak out. Lexi had a really unique third grade. Her teacher's name was Mr. Nighswonger, this was her first male teacher and his teaching style was very different than anything else that she will probably have the rest of her school career. She learned so much this year and really blossomed in herself throughout the year. Mr. Nighswonger keyed into both her strengths and weaknesses and turned everything into strengths. I know he has impacted and changed her forever. It was an extremely fun and interesting year. A few highlights of her field day.