Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ole 556

One field trip down, eleven to go. Last week Jeremy forgot his cell phone at home and rather than field the 1001 calls he gets a day I decided to make a quick trip into Anchorage and hand deliver his phone. What a wife huh! :) With gas prices so astronomical I decided it was the perfect opportunity to stop at the park strip and see the "legendary" Ole 556. This year Lexi read the book Ole 556 for the Battle of the Books. It is a book about the first train on the Alaska Railroad and how it saved the day when a "new" modern train got into trouble. It was actually an interesting book with alot of Alaskan facts about the railroad. When Ole 556 was retired it was made into a monument on the park strip. After reading the book the girls really wanted to see the "first train in AK!" A few pics to capture the moment! Landin really thought it was cool and he thought it was even better when he found a ball to throw around.